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4/6/1979 to 7/23/2009

Thank you for your prayers and support.

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Very Recently with no warning, Jodi was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer - Adenocarcinoma.

This is a very aggressive cancer and cannot be put into remission, but with prayers and treatments, was slowed from spreading so quickly. Jodi continued to fight until the end! The prayers and gifts and contributions by so many companies, friends and family is truly overwhelming.

The Fundraiser on July 19th was an amazing success. For everyone that was there, you know that when the doors opened at 12:00 until the end of the event at 6:00, the VFW hall was packed. Jodi was able to make this event for an hour! The response from everyone was tremendous. Jodi was essentially blind due to the cancerous tumors behind her eyes, causing her hearing to become a new super power. The entire group was asked not to clap, but raise their twisting arms and hands. It was standing room only and everyone had their arms raised. The reception line for Jodi began immediately. Jodi visited with as many people as she could, but the hugs and love was too much strain on her sore back. She ate. Then made her graceful exit. The only words I remember her saying to everyone was simply - Thank you.

During the last few days, Jodi loved talking and hearing about the successful fundraising event. She smiled often and knew that she was loved by many.

Our family is so appreciative of all the support and prayers from everyone.

E-Mail Gary Moody (Jodi's Big Brother) for additional information or call (734) 558-3535.